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People. Working. Together.

For nearly 20 years the RDS Partners team has provided our clients and their communities with results grounded in positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.

We do this because we and our clients have a responsibility to work with our primary and human resources equitably, sustainably, efficiently and respectfully.

Our clients - be they individuals, groups, companies or clusters - make use of our people skills, our organisational skills and our technical skills to work collaboratively towards a shared goal. Our networks, experience and skills are especially valued by clients whose projects span industry, academic and/or government agencies.


Not-for-profit, public and private sector organisations value our experience in working across the boundaries of research, enterprise, government and community.


And they value our understanding that robust, effective projects must involve their people, their communities and their environment.

Give us a call - we'd love to discuss how we can assist you and your people on your collective journey.


Values-driven expertise



Tom’s experience in the food and aquaculture sectors, adaptive approach and broad skill set make him a valuable driver of, and contributor to, collaborative projects and programs amongst private, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Tom is a graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders Program and is affiliated with the UTAS Centre for Food Innovation, which he helped establish in 2013.

+61 417 537 806





Alice provides the expertise and attention to detail that ensures the smooth operations of the financial and administrative needs of RDS Partners and our Executive Service clients.

+61 423 385 868


Tim Jones.png


Twelve years of operations management experience in beverage manufacturing and agriculture in regional areas provides Tim with well developed insight into these sectors.

Postdoctoral experience with CSIRO and ongoing R&D with private industry has allowed Tim to develop strong R&D capability and given him significant experience in industry, government and University interactions.


+61 409 738 344



Evidence-based action


We have a proud history of working innovatively with a range of regional communities, industries and agri-food businesses as they progress along the path of competitive sustainability.


Our facilitative, participatory research approach affords us the ability to solve problems in innovative, constructive ways.

Our ongoing affiliations with leading university research teams – IMAS Centre for Marine Socioecology; Swinburne Centre for Social Impact; UTAS Centre for Food Innovation – underpin our focus on evidence-based outcomes.


Healthy, sustainable and ethical food production and community resilience  are what we care about.  To help achieve this, we deliver research, development and extension outcomes in partnership with industry, government and research providers.

We connect robust research (ours and others') with creative insights to provide meaningful industry, community and social development outcomes.


Core to the way we work is our experience in working collaboratively and innovatively with enterprises, not-for-profits and communities to build governance, operational and evaluation skills for industry, regional and community development projects.

We combine academic rigour with real world experience to help bring your strategic ideas into reality. We are your critical partner in researching and developing strategic solutions that work now, while remaining focussed on long term, sustainable outcomes.

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